The earlier term drop-in replacement is no longer used, because the goal of MariaDB has diverged from MySQL’s, and MariaDB Server has many new features. The source code for MariaDB is publically available on
GitHub. The logo is available for use under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. Please attribute to MariaDB Foundation when using the logo.

No single person or company is able to dictate priorities or code to the community. The MariaDB Foundation uses technical and legal means to guarantee the technology used by the MariaDB Server community will continue to be open in every sense. FromDual is specialised in MariaDB Server and MariaDB Galera Cluster providing professional services as support including 24×7 SLA, remote-DBA, MariaDB Server training and consulting.

Features of MariaDB

Prior to his current role, Max built the Professional Services team at MariaDB from the ground up. Max began his career consulting and training for companies such as MySQL and Sun Microsystems. He earned his Masters of Science (Eng) in physics and math from Helsinki University of Technology. A native of Finland, and by way of Paris, France, Max now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. The following table lists each version of the Galera 3 wsrep provider, and it lists which version of MariaDB each one was first released in. If you would like to install Galera 3 using yum, apt, or zypper, then the package is called galera.

It’s capable of reading and writing to any node at any time and multi-threads the slave for better performance. It’s got a feature known as Hot Standby which means no downtime during a failover because there simply is no failover. MariaDB SkySQL combines cloud ease of use and unrivaled innovation with the full power of the MariaDB database portfolio and world-class support. Designed for a hybrid and multicloud future, built on Kubernetes, and engineered for mission-critical transactional and analytical deployments, it’s the database-as-a-service you’ve been waiting for. It is built upon the values of performance, stability, and openness, and MariaDB Foundation ensures contributions will be accepted on technical merit. The latest stable long-term maintenance release, 10.11, was announced as stable in February 2023 and will be maintained until at least February 2028.

MariaDB Database

When it comes to database engines, MariaDB offers more options than MySQL. Some of the storage engines MariaDB utilizes that MySQL doesn’t include XtraDB, Memory Storage Engine, MariaDB ColumnsStore, Aria, Cassandra Storage Engine, and Connect. On the other hand, MariaDB has improved this function in all versions, as it’s capable of supporting more than 200,000 connections.

Each row in a table may contain a primary key and rows among multiple tables can be created using foreign keys. This very minimal, first SQL statement will create a sub-directory called bookstore on the Linux filesystem in the directory which holds your MariaDB data files. It’ll just set up a place to add tables, which will in turn hold data.

MariaDB Index

The relational database’s popularity rose when WordPress adopted it into its system. As MySQL database is compatible with Linux, it is included with its distributions, including Ubuntu. MySQL was probably the first database system to support a pluggable storage engine architecture. Basically, this means that MySQL knows very little about creating or populating a table, reading from it, building proper indexes and caches.

What is MariaDB

Dynamic variables have a value that can be changed at runtime, using the SET SQL statement. Static variables have a value that is decided at startup (see below) and cannot be changed without a restart. If a variable is mentioned multiple times in different files, the occurrence that is read last will overwrite the others. Similarly, if a variable is mentioned several times in a single file, the occurrence that is read last overwrites the others. Configuration files are searched in several locations, including in the user directory, and if present they all are read and used.

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The checksum algorithm is determined by innodb_checksum_algorithm. Check the variable documentation for its consequences on performance, backward compatibility and encryption. MariaDB provides no way to inspect the contents of the transaction logs. Secondary indexes are ordered by the columns that are part of the index, and contain a reference to each entry’s corresponding primary key value. Back in the days, if compared to its existing competitors, MySQL was lightweight, simple to install, easy to learn. While it had a very limited set of features, it was also fast in certain common operations.

What is MariaDB

It’s important to note that clustered indexes are governed by a global mutex that greatly reduces their scalability. This will add the name and country of the author Franz Kafka to the authors table. We don’t need to give a value for the author_id since that column was created with the AUTO_INCREMENT option. MariaDB will automatically assign an identification number. You can manually assign one, especially if you want to start the count at a higher number than 1 (e.g., 1000).

About MariaDB Foundation

If a file-per-table tablespace grows too much, deleting data won’t recover space. Instead, a new table must be created and data mariadb development needs to be copied. If the system tablespace grows too much, the only solution is to move data into a new MariaDB installation.

What is MariaDB

Andrew has a long history in the open source database world but has occasionally dipped into other technology industries, whilst keeping to his open source routes. He brings all of this experience to the MariaDB Foundation, where he works on making the contributions process as smooth as possible. – Percona is an American company based in Durham and the developer of a number of open source software projects for MySQL, MariaDB Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and RocksDB users.

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They don’t directly affect the latency of queries, but they are very important for performance. The InnoDB buffer pool is typically assigned a big amount of memory. Nowadays InnoDB is the default MariaDB storage engine, and it is the best choice for most use cases. But for particular needs, sometimes using a different storage engine is desirable. In case of doubts about the best storage engine to use for a specific case, check the Choosing the Right Storage Engine page. The first is the MariaDB Community Server which you can download, use, and modify for free.

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