Embedded payments: What you need to know

This can help to solve some of the challenges of embedding payments into a platform so you can concentrate on enjoying the benefits. Out of all the embedded commerce software solutions, payments are the most in demand. Around 83% of businesses want to offer integrated payment solutions within the next five years. The following Deep […]

The Five Stages of Team Development Principles of Management

You don’t wait to be told how to do your job – you determine the best way to meet your objectives and get on with it. Not only are you proud of the team development they’ve exemplified, but you’re also proud of their individual capacity to stay in integrity with the quality of their work. […]

Severity and Priority in Software Testing

A low prioritised defect is resolved once all the higher prioritised defects are fixed. Understanding how an incident should be classified can seem complicated, but we’ve got you covered. Read to learn how the incident classification process works. Priority is defined as the order in which a defect should be fixed. Higher the priority the […]

What Is Maria DB? Definition, Uses, vs MySQL

The earlier term drop-in replacement is no longer used, because the goal of MariaDB has diverged from MySQL’s, and MariaDB Server has many new features. The source code for MariaDB is publically available on GitHub. The logo is available for use under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. Please attribute to MariaDB Foundation when using the […]